FDA Approved, But...

The FDA is not as tough on impurities as you'd think. We always assume that the FDA has the highest standards for the cleanliness of our foods, which is why it would surprise many people to know that the FDA standards allow for some pretty gross impurities. Here are five FDA-mandated "acceptable" levels of impurities in our food:

1. Canned tomatoes:
Two or less maggots or ten or less fly eggs per 500 grams (a regular size can holds about 700-800 grams).

2. Macaroni and noodle products: "An average of 225 or less insect fragments or less per 225 grams in six or more subsamples." Yep, that means each single gram can contain a little piece of an insect.

3. Canned mushrooms: As long as only 10% or less of the mushrooms in any container are decomposed, it's FDA-certified!

4. Wheat: Nine milligrams or less of rat feces in a kilogram (2.2 lbs.) of wheat. Yes, rat feces.

5. Chocolate: Three or less rodent hairs or 90 or less insect fragments in a 100-gram sample (or 1 1/2 rodent hairs or less and 45 insect fragments or less per average candy bar).



Jesse L. said...

Oh, great -- another chance to NOT trust the government. I'm going to have to go live in the woods and hunt my own food at this rate!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said... i Looked here, and saw nothing about maggots or fly eggs. I am interested in finding out where you found this information. I am not pro FDA, actually quite opposite, I just want to make sure if I tell someone that I read this, that it checks out. Is there a website i can go to that has all of this information available to the public?