Five Non-Traditional Ways to Pause

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Order Kevin's Book

In his latest book ("The Pause Principle"), author Kevin Cashman explains the importance and power of pausing and reflecting before moving forward. Most people think of a pause as a meditative moment, but in fact, a pause could be many things.

For this blog entry, Kevin compiled this list of Five Non-Traditional Ways of Pausing:

1.  Pause for understanding.  Certain that you know the answer?  That’s a good time to step back, gather more information, ask another relevant question, listen to someone else’s perspective, consider alignment with values and purpose.  Take the full measure of time to synthesize all the information. Managers too often make a quick response as a show of strength; leaders take all the time allotted for reflection before responding or rendering a decision.

2.  Pause for growth.  Schedule time and invest in your personal leadership growth through self-awareness and learning.  Help others grow and develop their talent.  Foster an innovative culture by incenting curiosity and questions that push boundaries.  Pause to think.  As a leader and strategist, isn’t that your job?  Encourage all your talent to ask: “Why? Why not? What might be possible?”  Step back to reward risk-taking; celebrate and appreciate failure for the learning that emerges.

3.  Pause for teams. Lost your focus? Feel like you’ve gotten off track?  Take the time to give everyone opportunity to express concerns, share their genuine feelings, ideas and listen authentically in the spirit of real collaboration. Help everyone reconnect their individual and team purpose around the greater mission.  Then, lead forward with greater, more meaningful impact.

4.  Pause for resilience.  Step back from the hurried, hectic pace, the onslaught of information and demands for energy, clarity, and fresh perspective.  Go for a walk or run.  Sit by the river.  Take a power nap, meditate, or listen to relaxing music.  New ideas and innovation emerge in the spaces between the doing.

5.  Pause for significance.  Engulfed in hyper-speed and productivity?  Next time you pick up your mobile device for a stream of transactions, pause and ask yourself, “What is really important today?”  When you step back to reconnect with what you really value, what will you choose to do or not do?



Rick Stamm said...

Outstanding ideas. I love the simplicity of the concepts. I have used most of these in my life but have never framed them this way. A very practical approach.

Thanks! Looking forward to the book.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Sometimes I need to be reminded of these tools, I will reap the rewards as a result.